Assembly method – Shinkansen type cars

There are 2 types of cars that Bandai make – this is the type mainly used with Shinkansen cars.

These models are very easy to build, and only require cutters or a knife to separate the parts off the sprue – there is no glue or paint needed.  It only takes a few of minutes to do one car and a whole train can be done in around an hour 🙂

The instruction sheet tells you to do it in the following sequence …

  1. Cut required pieces from sprue (not all items are used on all models)
  2. Assemble bogies, install the bogie side-frames and desired couplers and attach to chassis floor
  3. Join two body shell pieces together
  4. Attach window class to inside of sides
  5. Attach sides to body sheel
  6. Add the two ends
  7. Add the roof
  8. Add decals/stickers if required

Compared to the other type of car assembly, I have found that this method works OK, but sometimes it is easier to add the roof before the ends, so you can get your fingers inside and press the roof tabs firmly into the body shell holes.

When I put the next one together, I will add some photos to this page.


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