New 0 series Shinkansen sets (updated again !)

Bandai have finally seen the light, and realised that we don’t want to buy dozens of their sets just to get one or two extra cars !!! 🙄

In March they have announced the release of 3 new sets …

  • Shinkansen 4 car set A – contains car types 21, 26, 37 & 16
  • Shinkansen 4 car set B – contains car types 22, 27, 36 & 15
  • Shinkansen 4 car set C – contains car types 2x 25 & 2x 26

So sets A & B have the 2 end cars as well as the ‘special’ cars (Green, buffet, dining, wheelchair etc etc), and even though there is not much room for actual sitting passengers, you could run an 8 car train.  Add 1x set C and a reasonably correct 12 car train can be made. Add 2x Set C and you have a correct 16 car consist. Believe it or not, so extra cars that you can’t use and no wasted parts (and unnecessary  extra money spent). I hope this is a trend for the future, compared to part releases like the 700 series Shinkansen where you needed 5x set A & 2x set B (buying 28 cars) to make a correct 16 car train 😦

BOX fronts (A/ B/ C)

BOX backs (A / B / C)

There is also a limited edition release for the full 16 car train in one special box – ie you get 1x A, 1xB & 2xC sets but there is NO reduction in price. You do however get some plastic track to display the train on.

P.S. – please see the ‘For Sale’ page (tab at top of this page) for lots of these wasted extra cars I have collected so far 😦


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