923 Dr Yellow T4 limited release set

In a Japanese train magazine recently, I saw advertising of a limited release of a JR Tokai Dr Yellow 923 T4 set. So of course I had to have one 🙂

You can read about HOW I got it here.

Like most of Bandai’s B-train sets, you have to buy MORE than you need just to get the correct train 😦

In this case, they are selling 2 different sets …

  1. A – containing cars 1,2 & 3
  2. B – containing cars 4,6 & 7

The two boxes together make up a nice image of the train.

The sides of the boxes show the makeup of the train.

The other sides of the boxes.

If you also wanted car 5 to make up the correct full 7 car train, you need to buy another of EITHER set. This is because the unique roof piece is included in set A, and the unique sides are included in set B. All the other parts are common with any other car. The construction is the same as any other of Bandai’s Shinkansen sets (see here). This one is also the same as the earlier 700 series release, except that the end car roof pieces include the cab windows, whereas that was part of the nose assembly before. This change actually makes the model look better because of the placement of the part separation joins.

This is not just a repaint of the 700 series cars that the 923 is based on, but has all new parts, and the window placement and other details has been made to match the prototype cars, within the constraints of the shortened body of course. See the comparison between each car and the Tomix 923 DR Yellow set. The only thing I can complain about is that the Bandai set is coloured in the standard ‘Dr Yellow’ darker yellow, and not the brighter ‘lemon’ yellow livery that the two 923 sets sport.

Here is all the parts laid out ready for assembly.

Car 1 – Contains transformer/track/signal/communications measurement equipment

Car 2 – Contains hi-voltage room, electricity collection measurement equipment

Car 3 – Contains observation dome, electricity storage, power data reduction room

Car 4 – Contains track inspection measurement room, data reduction room

Car 5 – Contains multi purpose room, power source supply, observation dome, rest room

Car 6 – Contains meeting room, hi-voltage room, electricity collection measurement equipment

Car 7 – Contains electricity measurement equipment, including large colour plasma displays and 700 series type seating area

Details comparison …



inspection car (#4) bogies


The finished results …

L-> R – Cars 1->7

L-> R – Cars 7->1

However I have never seen a Dr Yellow set with a white roof on Car 4 – I wonder if this is a more recent change since the Tomix model was released ?


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