New Shinkansen model

Announced for a release in August 2011 is the new N700 ‘Sakura’ Shinkansen ….

This is the pale blue coloured 8 car set that have similar sets owned by both JR West & JR Kyushu, and runs on the completed Kyushu Shinkansen and well as thru running to Shin-Osaka.

There are nineteen N700-7000 ‘S’ sets owned by JR West, and ten N700-8000 ‘R’ sets owned by JR Kyushu. These are virtually indistinguishable except for the colours of the small ‘JR’ logos next to the car numbers on the end cars.

Once again Bandai have realised that customers don’t want to accumulate lots of unwanted cars just to make a full train, and have released two specific 4 car sets to make up the correct train.

  • Set ‘A’ – 781-7/8000 – 788-7/8000 – 786-7/8000 – 787-7/8000 (cars 1,2,3,4)
  • Set ‘B’ – 787-7/8500 – 766-7/8000 – 788-7/8700 – 782-7/8000 (cars 5,6,7,8)

Now they have done this one, hopefully this means that we will see a full 16 car ‘white’ N700 set released in the  near future 🙂


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