For Sale

Because of the way Bandai package and sell many of their sets, I have surplus cars that I cannot use. Therefore I am willing to sell these at very reasonable prices. Please contact me if you are interested at “redracer @ iprimus . com . au” (after removing the spaces).

Saha208 ‘6 door’ Keihin Tohoku x2

Saha208 ‘6 door’ Sobu x2

KuhaE231 Yamanote (brown) x6

KuhaE231 Yamanote (green) x2

KuhaE233 Keihin Tohoku x3

Kuha205 Yamanote x4

Kuha209 Keihin Tohoku x4

KuhaE231 Tokaido x2

Kuha211 Tokaido x6

Saha211 (Green car) x2

I also have quite a large number of unused Kato 11-107 powered chassis, and the 11-097 bogie sets for sale.


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